6 ways to get cheap car insurance quotes in Florida

Car insurance will be one of your largest expenses when buying, driving and maintaining a car. The administration costs, your age and experience behind the wheel and liability costs all add up. So how can you cut down the costs of your insurance? Here are a few tips and tricks you can use when scouring the market for a new and cheap car insurance quote.

  • Use the correct or most appropriate job title for your profession

If your profession is in teaching, you should just state that- a teacher, and nothing else. This is because if you state a specific subject e.g. music teacher or PE teacher, then you are likely to pay more for your car insurance. This may be because some subjects are more prone to accidents and incidents.

If you are in construction, it could be better to downplay your job title. Instead of writing you are a construction planner, you may want to state ‘builder’ or ‘construction worker’, as these professions pay less insurance.

Finally, if you are a homemaker, full-time career or parent, you should state this in your policy, not ‘unemployed’, as you will get a lower quote.

  • Make sure you have enough medical, health and homeowner insurance in Florida

Because Florida has no fault insurance law, they require drivers to have other types of insurance to cover themselves. However in a major accident, you will need to cover yourself with medical insurance, health insurance and homeowner insurance in Florida.

  • Plan ahead for your policy

Try to prepare and research for your car insurance a few weeks before, rather than on the day you have to change it (i.e. day of renewal). Consumers found they saved more than $250 if they researched first a few weeks rather than switching on the day. Consumers also found they saved more money if they didn’t always accept the auto-renewal policy, and saved more than $100. When it’s time to renew, you need to make sure your health insurance in Florida, medical insurance in Florida and homeowner insurance in Florida are also up to date.

  • Use as many cashback and reward sites as possible

How does earning money whilst buying your car insurance sound? Too good to be true? Not anymore! Websites that offer money or a percentage of your spend back are booming, like Top cashback USA. Often, they will entice consumers with a high percentage or money back (e.g. S110 if you compare and buy through Top cashback). Other reward companies often bring in customers by offering a large number of airmiles by buying a car insurance policy or quote. See if you can also get your health insurance in Florida, medical insurance in Florida and homeowner insurance in Florida on these websites.

  • Cut back on extras and excess payments

Just like a JetBlue flight, try and cut back on the extras. Do you need windscreen cover? Uncheck it! DO you need a courtesy car? No! Make sure you’re only paying what you have intended to pay for and double and triple check before proceeding to the payment page.

  • Pay your car insurance off as quickly as possible

The longer you leave it or delay paying for your car insurance policy, the more interest debt you will accumulate. This is why, if you can, you should try and pay all or most of it in one payment.


Car insurance policies can be expensive, especially if you don’t know what to do. If you follow our tips, then you will find it a lot easier. Describe your job profession as appropriate as possible, add a secondary (and trusted) driver, cut back on extras and excess payments, use cashback websites, plan ahead for your car insurance policy date and pay it off as quickly as you can. Make sure your health insurance in Florida, medical insurance in Florida and homeowner insurance in Florida are also active.

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